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Founded in 1993, The Outsourcing Institute (OI), located at clear-barnacle.10web.cloud, is a neutral professional association dedicated solely to outsourcing, providing information, research, networking opportunities and customized outsourcing services and solutions to the outsourcing industry. OI is recognized worldwide for its intellectual capital, outsourcing practice expertise and unbiased thought leadership. OI’s commitment to innovation, along with its mission to advance the skills and knowledge of its membership, has made it the most respected and relied upon brand for the outsourcing marketplace. OI’s executive network, which is comprised of more than 70,000 professionals worldwide, looks to OI as the go-to source for outsourcing thought leadership, information and advice.

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Outsourcing.com: The meeting place for the marketplace & the go-to resource for those who buy, sell and manage outsourcing.
Outsourcing.com defined: Trusted, independent and neutral in philosophy, Outsourcing.com aggregates content, creates communities and enables commerce. At the cutting-edge of technology, the site simplifies a complex and fast-changing market and helps lower costs through best practices. It accelerates time frames and drives bottom-line benefits…all while promoting professionalism in the marketplace.

 2018: The Shift From Cost Savings

Daniel Goodstein, President Media & Events

Daniel Goodstein, President Media & Events

“As the focus shifts from cost savings to creating new value for business & customers, the nature of relationships between enterprises and their providers is moving from contract terms and SLAs to one of collaboration and co-innovation; buyers are looking for suppliers who strive to become their partners in this transformation journey and explore new ways of collaborating to deliver new business value together.”

 What factors are shaping today’s marketplace?

Frank Casale, Founder & Chairman Emeritus

“In a constantly evolving, hyper-competitive market, deals are smaller and may be of shorter duration, with limited budgets and pressured margins. As the market becomes more complex, skills, experience and training are often lacking, outdated or inconsistent. Likewise, with a daunting host of potential new outsourcing venues, service offerings are often not clearly differentiated and poorly defined. Outsourcers will wake up to a new market every morning. How can they keep pace? Enter Outsourcing.com.”
Outsourcing.com makes sense of a new market
Outsourcers will wake up to a new market every morning. How can they keep pace? As global events and economic fluctuations impact each sourcing outcome, Outsourcing.com stays on the pulse of the latest news and information, new best practices, “how tos”, thought leadership, events, vendors and trends for all forms of outsourcing. Outsourcing.com pulls together content from all sources and viewpoints, including practitioners, providers, advisors, law firms, analysts, and consultants who can showcase their expertise. Our “Ask the Expert” section offers answers to your specific questions. Content is not only current, but of unusual range and depth, offering white-papers, videos, Webinars, Powerpoints, software tools and Special Interest Groups (SIGs).



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